Annie's Jewerly

About Annie

Annie McInnes received a BFA from the University of California at Davis and has more than 30 year of experience working with a variety of media. She is a middle school art teacher whose students' work has been acclaimed with a variety of awards. One of her current loves is working with silver and glass. Annie originally studied silversmithing to expand her classroom teaching knowledge, but her passion soon led her to working with metals and making glass for hours on end.

Annie enjoys experimenting with fusing a variety of dichroic glass to make cabochons for pendants, bracelets and earrings. She is an expert with wire and has a broad, varied knowledge of chain making. She has incorporated these skills into her eighth grade and adult jewelry classes. As Annie continues to increase her knowledge and abilities with manipulating metal, she is constantly updating her jewelry web site.

Annie is a wife of almost 25 years and a mother of two daughters. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys downhill skiing, road and mountain biking, hiking and golfing.